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  Saturday 19th October

           pm logosmall       BULLION SEMINAR SESSIONS

 Order of Presenters

11.00am      Bullion Coins and their Markets - Ron Currie, Perth Mint Sales and Marketing Director

Discover the world's leading bullion programs, learn about Australia's unique suite of investment coins, and find out about the choice, convenience and quality it offers investors. Learn about Australia's position for bullion coins in the global market and hear why precious metals can be a safe haven for your wealth.

11.20am      Factors Driving the Gold Price - Bron Suchecki, Perth Mint Manager, Analysis and Strategy

Learn about the macro supply and demand state of the world gold market and discover the key factors which are currently driving the price of gold.

11.40am      Stacking Precious Metals - Gold Stackers and Silver Stackers

Ben and Mark will talk about the online precious metals stacking communities. You will learn when Gold Stackers and Silver Stackers were established, the services they provide and how to meet and converse with other avid stackers.

1.00pm        Gold Confiscation in Australia - Bron Suchecki, Perth Mint Manager, Analysis and Strategy

Few precious metal investors are aware that the legislation which restricts the freedom of Australian residents to own, buy and sell gold in Australia is still on the books and is currently just 'suspended' from operation. In this talk Bron will provide a history of gold controls in Australia, how the suspended legislation works, to what forms of gold it applies, and whether confiscation is likely to occur again in Australia.

2.00pm        Silver Stackers Discussion Panel

Join the guest speakers from the Bullion Seminar Sessions for an open discussion. Panel members Ron, Bron, Ben and Mark will be available to answer your questions about precious metals investment options, the market and stacking.

Sunday 20th October

                                                             SEMINAR SESSIONS

Order of Presenters

11.00am       PCGS: Enhancing Your Coin Collecting - Muriel Eymery, PCGS Vice President International Business Development 

Learn about the leading third party grading service's offer and authentication and grading standards.

1.00pm        Royal Australian Mint: How do you create an innovative coin? -Don Appay, RAMint Engineering Services Manager

A Bird's eye view on Triangles, Curves and Colours: Some f the recent innovative coins released by the Royal Australian Mint.

2.00pm        PCGS: Set Registry -Muriel Eymery, PCGS Vice President International Business Development

The PCGS Set Registry enables collectors to safely display their PCGS-graded coins in a secure online environment and compare their collections to some of the greatest ever assembled.

3.00pm        Trading Coins for Wealth -Andrew Crellin, Managing Director Sterling and Currency Pty. Ltd.

A guide to the decision making process that all successful collectors use.